Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit?

A credit is a form of payment to send a reminder.
An email reminder is always 1 credit. In the US and Canada, a text message will cost 1 credit, and a call 2 credits. For international sending, a text will cost 2 credits, and a call 4 credits.
Every month, you automatically receive credits based on the plan you signed-up for.

How much do credits cost?

Additional credits can be purchased for as low as $0.08/credit.

Do you offer discounts for teachers and students?

Yes we do. Teachers and students get 30% off on subscriptions fees every month. Contact us for details.

What number do the Texts or calls come from?


How does the phone call reminder work?

Your reminder is spoken using text to speech technology.

How do group reminders work?

You have 2 ways to create groups, depending on your audience and size.

Standard Groups are ideal for smaller groups of people that you know, and group members cannot manage their membership. The group is created from your contact list.

Blind Groups are better suited for large groups, where people join or leave groups at their will. Group membership is controlled by an access code that you create.

Do you collect emails and phone numbers?

No - All your information remains private.

I've received an unsolicitated message. What should I do?

By all means contact us. We'll make sure you don't get bothered any more.
If you have received an unwanted text message, you can reply "Stop" to stop all future text or calls.

Does CallerID work with text messages?

CallerID only works with your call or recorded reminders. If you don't define your callerID in the settings, the calls will come from ReminderGuru's phone number.

How do I get my monthly free credits?

They automatically get added to your account every month as long as you have used ReminderGuru in the past month.

Do unused credits rollover every month?

Yes they do, and they never expire.